Increase Smirnoff’s brand equity amongst 18-29 year olds via an experiential campaign that embraced their ‘Clearly Original’ positioning.


Utilising Smirnoff’s Russian heritage, we created an experiential platform – an espionage-style organisation led by Russian playboy, Nikolai and set about recruiting Agents.

Drawn to the website, consumers were invited to create an alter-ego, their Agent Identity. Their brief: to prove their worthiness by recruiting Agents, executing covert missions and submitting documentary evidence. Agents were notified of missions via text message, given a retrieval code and directed back online to obtain their mission brief.

Some Agents proactively created their own missions. Some went to extraordinary lengths to prove their loyalty (One Agent got a tattoo of the Smirnoff logo on his arm). Successful mission completion elevated an Agents status, increasing their chance of attending an elite Agent gathering (party).


  • 15,000 players nationwide
  • Over 10,000 missions accepted
  • Over 20,000 items were submitted as proof of mission completion
  • 42% profit increase
  • WOM 500% higher than Smirnoff best European campaign
  • 2.4 million in earned media in first 3 months
  • Returned Smirnoff to No. 1 spirits brand in NZ