To create a new revolutionary and cool environmental organisation that engages a wider Auckland psychographic to connect with environmental issues through conversation.


These are dark times for our environment. To save our city from eating itself, we needed to connect with a wider audience and be bold – an 18-30 year old audience that identified with environmental issues but were too busy playing Pokémon Go to do anything about it.

For our audience, the prescribed programs designed to fix environmental issues, weren’t working. They were too hard, too heavy, too boring, not rewarding enough, not relevant enough, not urgent enough and not fun enough.

We needed to create a new type of environmental organisation. One that was cooler, edgier and more engaging. One that spoke their language. We needed an environmental organisation that created conversation that empowered change. A conversation that invited them to recognise that they were part of the problem and that it was cool to do something about it.

We called this organisation, The Problem.

The Problem is a revolutionary organisation that invites people to solve the environmental problem by becoming part of the problem. It is an absurd and disarming voice that highlights the outrageousness of the situation and offers a fun and unexpected channel to do something about it.


  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • 1,371 participants
  • 3,789 Instagram followers
  • 521 missions completed
  • 2,750 YouTube views
  • 26 positive change campaigns created